Workspace Example: Synthesize sessions/workshop

Full-Group Report-Out/Synthesis:

  • Big ideas from the whole group of participants
  • Or big ideas from small group leaders for particular sessions
  • Can add a discussion thread at the bottom of the page to invite other ideas by given date/time
    • This also allows participants to add to others' ideas or to express disagreement with more controversial big ideas
  • These ideas can be rewritten for the website and workshop report write up

Next Steps

  • This section can be used to list next steps for participants to disseminate results and propagate others to take action.
  • Ideas include:
    • organizing a session at a national conference wherein several participants are encouraged to present
    • a plan of action for writing up discussions and outcomes for publication in journals or creating new web content
    • ideas for partnering with other groups with a joint vision or mission
  • Note: it is highly recommended to assign at least 1 person to manage each 'next step.' They can act as coordinator or point person for questions and can tasked with taking action to ensure the next step gets implemented.

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