Plan, Design, and Convene a Workshop

On the Cutting Edge encompasses more than ten years experience of designing and implementing professional development workshops and webinars. Participant feedback has indicated that these workshops were effective in learning about new topics and active learning methods, enabled real-time collaboration and networking, built a community of like-minded educators, and disseminated results through the use of the website. The pages in this module, developed by the Cutting Edge Leaders, Webteam, and Evaluators, are designed to provide advice and support for people designing, planning, and executing workshops that follow on the On the Cutting Edge model.

This module has resources to guide you as you...

Plan your Workshop

Including how to:

Tools such as the workshop planning Timeline and Leader Checklist can also help you to know what to expect, strategically plan your workshop, and track your progress.

Develop Workshop Web Pages


Design your Evaluation


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