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Geology and Human Health: Pick Your Poison

David Mogk, Dept. Earth Sciences, Montana State University

Geology and human health? That seems like an odd combination. What's the connection? Browse through this collection of case studies to see the many ways that natural and anthropogenic toxins and pathogens can impact human health.


This collection of case studies was developed by students in the ERTH 102 Geology and Human Health course in the Department of Earth Sciences, Montana State University. This course is offered for non-geoscience majors and counts for our Core Curriculum credit in the Contemporary Issues in Science rubric. The goals of this course were to

Students selected topics of interest to their personal lives. They searched the web for credible sources of information. They distilled this information and wrote the supporting text to develop these webpages. The following case studies are the results of their semester long projects.

Browse the Collection of Case Studies

Health Effects of Minerals and Heavy Metals

Airborne Health Hazards

Waterborne Health Hazards

Health Hazards Related to Ionizing Radiation

Health Hazards Related to Weather and Climate Change

Anthropogenic Health Hazards in the Environment

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