Initial Publication Date: March 19, 2009

Visualizations Related to Geology and Human Health

The following pages were developed as a part of the Teaching Geoscience with Visualizations workshop and website. Each page presents quality visualizations on a particular topic in the geosciences. You can browse through the whole collection of visualization pages on the Teaching with Visualizations website.

  • 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire (in Hazards) - images, films, panoramas and animations about the earthquake and fire that brought the great city to its knees.
  • Earthquakes (in Hazards) - animations showing seismograph operation, tsunami, P and S Waves, earthquake focus versus epicenter, and actual footage of an earthquake.
  • Floods (in Hazards) - animations, images, and film slips illustrating the nature and extent of flooding events.
  • Hurricanes (in Hazards) - visualizations of the 2005 hurricane season, various record breaking storms, and models of hurricane structure.
  • Tornadoes (in Hazards) - animations and films that illustrate or help students investigate how tornados form, current research about the science involved, and the effects of tornadoes of different strengths.
  • Volcanoes (in Hazards) - processes and effect of volcanic eruptions on Earth and around the solar system.
  • Wildfires (in Hazards) - simulations, images, and interactive animations seeking to explain wildfires and their complex relationship with atmosphere, terrain, and human management.