Overview and Logistics

During this workshop, we will introduce several topics that focus on improving student success. Themes introduced will include using personal narratives that introduce positive factors for STEM success; how to incorporate field-based experiences into the curriculum, planning safe and effective field experiences for students, and teaching strategies for field-based instruction.

Workshop Goals

This workshop leverages the existing structure of the VCCS Science Peer Group meeting to:

  1. build a regional network of 2YC geoscience faculty
  2. highlight active learning strategies for the classroom and in the field that will improve the academic success of all students
  3. address retention by sharing and developing personal narratives of positive factors for STEM success

Date and times

The workshop is embedded within the VCCS Science Peer Group agenda on October 21-22.

Fall 2016 VCCS Science Peer Group agenda


Workshop participants are expected to:

  • Before the workshop: register for the VCCS Science Peer Group meeting
  • During the workshop: participate in all sessions, complete SAGE 2YC registration forms and the end of workshop evaluation survey
  • After the workshop: participate in future workshops offered by the VCCS and Virginia Change Agent team, join VCCS geology faculty listserve


This workshop is free to VCCS faculty (both adjunct and full-time) due to funding from the VCCS. Additional funding for logistic support is provided by a grant from the National Science Foundation.


Participants must register for the VCCS Science Peer Group meeting by October 21 to attend this workshop. Peer Group attendees who wish to participate in the field trip can sign up as late as the day of the trip, October 22.

During the workshop sessions on Friday, participants will be given an opportunity to complete the SAGE 2YC registration forms to help us collect data for building our regional 2YC geoscience faculty network.

Register for the workshop

Location, Directions, and Logistics

Information on meeting location, directions and other logistics can be found at the VCCS Science Peer Group website.