Field-based Learning Exercises Webinar

Friday, April 28, 2017

12:00 pm

Call/login information will be forwarded via email to participants during the week prior to the webinar. Access to a web camera is preferred.

Event Description

This webinar is a follow-on to the SAGE 2YC-related talks and field trip that were presented at the Virginia Community College System Science Peer Group conference in October 2016. Based on group discussion at that conference, we are presenting this opportunity to:

  • Begin developing a database of field locations and associated field-based learning exercises for Virginia community college instructors
  • Engage in continued discussion of best practices for field-based learning experiences
  • Continue building a regional network of 2YC geoscience faculty and others who support the SAGE 2YC project goals:
    • support the academic success of all students;
    • promote professional pathways of students into geoscience; and
    • broaden participation in the geosciences.

The webinar is free but registration is required.
Registration Deadline: April 21, 2017


Please complete the registration form on the following page to participate in the webinar. Participants should submit simple site descriptions and examples of field-based learning exercises currently used in any geoscience course (physical geology, historical geology, oceanography, mineralogy, special topics seminars, etc.). Exercises can be site-specific, or general exercises you may use that are adaptable to multiple field locations. If you do not currently have an exercise you would like to share, you are still welcome to participate in the webinar---come join the discussion!

Webinar Conveners

  • Pete Berquist, Thomas Nelson Community College,
  • Karen Layou, Reynolds Community College,
  • Lynsey LeMay, Thomas Nelson Community College,

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