End of Workshop Evaluation

Purpose: Please reflect on this workshop and let us know what worked and what needs improvement. Your input is valuable to us as we plan future workshops. Your responses to this survey will be kept confidential. We would like you to enter your name below. The workshop conveners will receive the verbatim comments from all responses but will not receive the names of respondents.

I believe the following goals of the workshop were met:

Please comment on any of your ratings, particularly if you disagreed with any item (rated any below 3).

This workshop is part of a larger project that contains three main lines of interest: (1) Supporting the academic success of all students in geoscience at 2YCs, (2) Facilitating the professional pathways of students in the geosciences, and (3) Broadening participation in the geosciences. Please identify to what extent you agree with these statements (4=Agree, 3=Tend to agree, 2=Tend to disagree, 1=Disagree, NA=Not Applicable)

If Yes, please answer these questions.

In which of the following ways do you interact with this community:
Check all that apply;

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