PaSSAGE to Student Success in Florida 2YCs

Spring Follow-up Activity from our Fall, 2016 Workshop: Developing Active-learning Strategies to Increase Student Success and Retention in STEM-related Courses and Programs

This event has already occurred.

2 pm Friday, April 28, 2017

We Took Action, we Flipped and we LinkedUp! Now, let's share our results, successes and failures (yep-those failures!) and help one another develop those active-learning strategies!

Join us in a group discussion about the active-learning strategies that you implemented since our fall, 2016 Workshop. We are interested in knowing...

  • During the past year, what have you done in your class/lab that worked particularly well? In retrospect, why do you think it was so successful?
  • During the past year, what have you done in your class/lab that didn't go as well as you had hoped it would? In retrospect, why do you think it was less successful than you had thought it would be?
  • What are you planning to do in your class/lab in the next semester that you would like feedback or suggestions on from the other PaSSAGE Faculty?

We would also like to spend a few minutes discussing our fall, 2017 Workshop. Please be thinking about an interesting location and possible date. During the 2016 Workshop, some of you brought up exciting activities that might be shared e.g., Noreen's Virtual Geo cashing and Kaydee's Icebreaker Bingo! This is OUR time to support each other and make those geoscience courses rock-solid!--So, give it some thought!

For those of you joining our PaSSAGE discussion for the first time, please feel free to participate by asking questions or sharing your experience with using active-learning strategies!

The PaSSAGE Workshop Follow-up is free but registration is required.
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, April 26th (extended)


Did you identify or use any new learning tools in your classroom other than those we covered during the fall, 2016 workshop? Maybe you've discovered new links or materials you'd like to share with the group. Let us know and we'll make them available for our follow-up review!

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