Broadening participation in the geosciences through undergraduate on-ramps: Lessons learned in the SAGE 2YC Project

Thursday 1:30-4:00pm PT / 2:30-5:00pm MT / 3:30-6:00pm CT / 4:30-7:00pm ET Online
Afternoon Mini Workshop


Andrea Bair, Delta College

The geosciences are currently among the least diverse of all science fields. Broadening participation at all levels likely requires both confronting issues of implicit bias and privilege, and concerted efforts along the pipeline to support underrepresented future geoscientists. This mini-workshop focuses on lessons learned about broadening participation through work in the SAGE 2YC project (Supporting and Advancing Geoscience Education at 2-Year Colleges). The workshop provides a guided entry point to relevant SAGE 2YC, InTeGrate, and NAGT resources, and a "space of practice" for educators to learn and discuss. Participants will plan how to integrate and implement strategies into their own courses and programs.

All mini-workshops will take place online, via Zoom (unless otherwise noted). Participants will be sent links to the Zoom room and connection info will be posted below prior to the session start.

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By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Examine relevant research on issues of broadening participation.
  • Explore strategies to support inclusion and equity in your courses and programs.
  • Engage in self-reflection to make your courses and programs (even more) inclusive and welcoming to all students.
  • Develop an action plan for implementation of inclusion strategies in your work.


0:00 - Welcome and introduction

0:07 - Consider diversity and issues of access and inclusion using a series of scenarios.

0:28 - Why diversity, inclusion, and equity matter, and a call to action for the geosciences.

0:50 - Gallery tour - Explore strategies supporting broadening participation.

1:20 - Break

1:30 - Revisit posters and identify 1-2 you'd like to explore.

1:45 - Discuss strategies and ideas for implementation in groups; work on individual action plan.

2:00 - Implementing strategies online; humanizing online learning discussion.

2:20 - Wrap-up and workshop evaluation

2:30 - Adjourn

Post-workshop - Continue the discussion online.


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Workshop presentation

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Online resources:

On creating "spaces of practice" rather than framing diversity discussions as "difficult conversations"

Scientist Spotlights project

SAGE 2YC home

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Diversity and Inclusion:

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InTeGrate Links

Teach the Earth - Broadening participation

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Humanizing online teaching to equitize higher education