Participant Information

Thank you for participating in the 2020 Earth Educators' Rendezvous. Our shared expectations are:

  • we will participate fully in the entire morning workshop for which we registered
  • we will participate fully in any mini-workshop we attend
  • we will move between contributed sessions at the completion of presentations
  • we will be courteous and respectful of others
  • we will aim to allow all to have an opportunity to participate in discussions

Before the Rendezvous

As you prepare for the Rendezvous, take a moment to look over this information

Arriving at the Rendezvous

  • Information about ground transportation to and from all three airports can be found on the Getting to Stanford. Group shuttles are available and may require prior reservations.
  • Registration check-in and name badge pickup
    • Sunday: 5:30pm - 8:30pm on the outdoor patio in front of the Mitchell Earth Sciences Building, 397 Panama Mall Stanford
    • Monday-Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm on the outdoor patio in front of the Mitchell Earth Sciences Building, 397 Panama Mall Stanford
    • NOTE: You must check in before attending any events; please allow ample time to be able to check in and walk to your first event
  • Parking Information
      • Stay tuned for more off-campus parking information.
    • Participants staying on-campus:
      • Stay tuned for more on-campus parking information.

During the Rendezvous

On Campus Meetings and Events

Rendezvous 2020 will be hosted by the School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences at Stanford University. Stanford University is located at 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305. The majority of meetings and activities will take place either on or around the Mitchell Earth Sciences building which is located at 397 Panama Mall in the Main Quad area of campus. Click here to view the campus map.

Code of Conduct at the Rendezvous

NAGT meetings and events foster the exchange of ideas, through open and respectful dialogues at oral and poster sessions, workshops, field trips, short courses, mentorships and other NAGT-supported programs. NAGT promotes, provides, expects and endorses a professional and respectful atmosphere and values a diversity of views and opinions. NAGT's Events Code of Conduct Policy (Acrobat (PDF) 58kB Dec5 18) is important to promoting diversity and creating an inclusive, supportive, and collaborative environment for all people.

Connecting to WiFi

Wifi will be available throughout campus. The Eduroam account network may be used on your laptop, mobile phone or other personal device.

Dining On and Around Stanford University

Stanford University offers 30+ dining options conveniently located throughout the campus, offering a variety of culinary delights in distinct settings. Check out the campus dining options with the campus eateries interactive map.

When it comes to food and drink, whether you're looking for a quaint Italian restaurant, a sidewalk café, pizza, seafood, or a local brewery, you'll find exactly what you need! Click here to find a list of restaurants in and around Palo Alto, Redwood City, and Mountain View. The restaurants are sortable by list or map.

Looking for the freshest local fare? The As Fresh as it Gets program ties together the area's hospitality, agriculture, fishing and wine- and beer-making industries, rewarding and promoting establishments that serve outstanding fresh and local products.

ATM Machines

ATM locations:

  • On-Campus: Tressider Union (Wells Fargo, Bank of America)
  • Off-Campus: Bank of America branches on Quarry Road, Page Mill Road, Sand Hill Road, and downtown Palo Alto.

Working Groups

Many groups will capitalize on being together at the Rendezvous to move their own research forward. If you are interested in organizing a working group at the Rendezvous, please complete the application by March 3, 2020.

Evening Events

Continue networking with colleagues and friends at the variety of evening events and gathering spots.

Check out local activities in Palo Alto and beyond.

Connect Via Social Media

Message Board
New to the Rendezvous and looking for lunch/dinner companions? Trying to share rides to and from the airport? Do you want to follow up with folks following discussions started in your workshop or poster session? Link to our digital message board will be available soon.

If you know of something that you think other participants should know about, just send a tweet to @nagtgeo and include the hashtag #EarthER20. We'll be gathering all those tweets together on a page so that we can all benefit in near-real time.

The Rendezvous will also be sharing images and posts of interesting things happening via the NAGT Facebook page. Be sure to "Like" us so you'll get these updates as well!

After the Rendezvous

Staying in the area after the Rendezvous? We've compiled a list of things to do in and around Palo Alto and beyond -- check them out!

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