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Workshop Participants

Ellen Joyce, Beloit College, History
Melissa Eblen-Zayas, Carleton College, Physics
Paula Lackie, Carleton College, Instructional Technology
Mike Siddoway, Colorado College, Math
Dani Arroyo-Rodriguez, Colorado College, Spanish
Pedro de Araujo, Colorado College, Economics
Emily Blakely, Colorado College, Instructional Technology
Kate Kauper, Cornell College, Education
Ellen Hoobler, Cornell College, Art
Brian Nowak-Thompson, Cornell College, Biology
Leon Tabak, Cornell College, Computer Science
A'amer Farooqi, Cornell College, Economics and Business
Mike Schneider, Knox College, History/Associate Dean
Daniel Peterson, Knox College, Psychology
Gabrielle Raley, Knox College, Anthropology-Sociology
Todd Smith, Knox College, Audio Visual
Catherine Denial, Knox College, History
Dustin Mengelkoch, Lake Forest College, English
Desmond Odugu, Lake Forest College, Education
David Gerard, Lawrence University, Economics
Craig Rabe, Luther College, Accounting and Management
Shilad Sen, Macalester College, Computer Science
Rachael Huener, Macalester College, German
Chris Ralston, Grinnell College, Psychology
Mariko Schimmel, Grinnell College, Japanese
Lesley Wright, Grinnell College, Gallery
Brad Graham, Grinnell College, Economics
Claire Moisan, Grinnell College, French & Alternate Language Study Option
Erik Simpson, Grinnell College, English
Mike Conner, Grinnell College, Instructional Technology
Stephanie Peterson, Grinnell College, Instructional Technology
Bill Francis, Grinnell College, Instructional Technology
Clark Lindgren, Grinnell College, Biology
Elaine Marzluff, Grinnell College, Chemistry
Steve Sieck, Grinnell College, Chemistry
Jake Willig-Onwuachi, Grinnell College, Physics
Paul Munyon, Grinnell College, Economics

Workshop Conveners and Staff

Arjendu Pattanayak, Carleton College, Physics/Associate Dean
Mark Schneider, Grinnell College, Physics/Associate Dean
Jeff Noblett, Colorado College, Geology/Associate Dean
Terri Phipps, Grinnell College, Administrative Assistant, Dean of the College Office