Workshop Overview

As technology in the form of large scale online instruction dominates the public discourse on the future of higher education, it is critical that residential liberal arts colleges reaffirm our leadership as innovators in higher education, and take advantage of technologies that improve the face-to-face instruction that we know to be highly effective and transformational for our students. This workshop is intended to spark collaborations on instructional technology among ACM schools, particularly in ways that go beyond traditional classroom instruction--by fostering live connections between classrooms on different campuses, by facilitating virtual visits of experts from other campuses to classes, or through collaborative development and implementation of instructional materials that complement classroom instruction.

Workshop Goals

The Workshop is designed to:

  • allow participants to learn about several pilot projects
  • bring faculty with shared technology interests from different campuses together
  • give participants opportunities to try out and ask questions about hardware and software
  • develop preliminary plans for curricular technology innovations
  • lay the groundwork for future collaboration


The workshop starts with participant check-in between 5 and 6 pm on Friday, March 15, 2013, and runs through noon on Sunday, March 17.


What are the participants expected to do:

  • before the workshop - review links distributed, formulate their own interests and goals, get a SERC account
  • during the workshop - participate in all sessions, meet potential collaborators, create a plan of action and post that on the SERC site
  • after the workshop - complete a workshop evaluation, update SERC site with progress, use workshop organizers to help establish inter-campus collaborations


The grant will pay for transportation (one vehicle from each campus, except for Colorado College) and local expenses for two participants from each institution; additional participants can join at their home institution's expense. Teams should be identified by the local campus's ACM liaison.


Participants will be housed in Grinnell; those without cars will be housed within walking distance of the campus. All workshop sessions will occur in the Noyce Science Center, or in the adjacent Joe Rosenfield Center (meals) or Forum (Creative Computing Lab).

For More Information

Questions about the program? Contact Mark Schneider (

Questions about logistics? Contact Mark or Terri Phipps (