The Past, Present, and Future of the Book

An ACM Conference at Cornell College

Friday, February 3rd

4:00-5:15 Registration and reception (Paul K. Scott Alumni Center at Paul K. Scott Alumni Center)

5:30-7:30 Dinner, Opening Remarks, and Keynote Address (Harlan Dining Room at the Thomas Commons)

"Reading, Craft, and Reading Craft in the Age of Facebook," Matt P. Brown, Director of the Center for the Book at the University of Iowa

Saturday, February 4th


Panel 1: The Paperback Revolution (Law Hall, Room 103)

Moderator: Erik Simpson, Grinnell College

"The Quality Paperback Revolution," Loren Glass, University of Iowa

"The Paperback Revolution in the Library," Kalmia Strong, University of Iowa

"From Pulp to Paperback," Matthew Lavin, University of Iowa

Panel 2: Reading Matters (Law Hall, Room 203)

Moderator: Jessy Randall, Colorado College

"Reading, Writing, and Rest: Illness and Recovery in American Literature," Jennifer Burek Pierce, University of Iowa

"'The Soldier Needs You': Newspapers in the Civil War Hospital," Rebecca Entel, Cornell College

"Writing the Tolstoy Family in Letters, Diaries, and Memoirs," Lynne Ikach, Cornell College

Roundtable 1: Rare Book Roundtable: Drawing Inspiration from the Curriculum (Law Hall, Room 221)

Facilitators: Andi Beckendorf, Luther College; Leslie Hankins, Cornell College

10:15-10:30 Coffee, Tea and Pastries. (Moosehead Lounge, 2nd floor of Law Hall)


Panel 3: The Future of Libraries (Law Hall, Room 103)

Moderator: Shannon Reed, Cornell College

"Habent sua fata libelli?, or Do Old and Rare Books Have a Future?" Bruce Whiteman, Independent Scholar

"Hidden in Plain Sight: Leveraging Special Collections at Smaller Universities and Colleges," Jill G. Thomas, Lawrence University

"'less known libraries': Undergraduate Research in the STC Collection at the University of Iowa," Adam G. Hooks and Rachel Stevenson, University of Iowa

Panel 4: Reprints, Past and Present (Law Hall, Room 203)

Moderator: Katy Stavreva, Cornell College

"Leicester's Ghost: Reprinting Scandal in 1641," Rachel Ellen Clark, Wartburg College

"Kafka: Singular to Multiple Approaches to the Book," Brad Coulter, University of Iowa

"Publishing Lucile: Implications from the History of a Phenomenally Successful 19th Century Book," Sidney F. Huttner, University of Iowa

Roundtable 2: The Press Across the Curriculum: Building a Minor in "The Book" at Colorado College (Law Hall, Room 221)

Facilitators: Carol Neel, Eleanor Anderson, Aaron Cohick, Steve Lawson, Jessy Randall, Kate Vukovich , Colorado College


Lunch and Keynote Address. Harlan Dining Room at the Thomas Commons

"What's a book? I used to know...," Peter Thomas, Wandering Book Artist, Paper-Maker, Musician, and Lay Educator



1. Perfect Binding with Paper Cover(Law Hall, Room 303)
Benjamin Rinehart, Lawrence University

2. Low-Tech Printing Techniques for the Production of Artists' Books(Law Hall, Room 221)
Emily Martin, Islam Aly and Karen Carcia, University of Iowa

3. The Illuminated Letter(Law Hall, Room 109)
Joan Soppe, Book Artist

4.Soft Cover Journals Sewn on Tapes(Law Hall, Room 309)
Kathleen Tandy, University of Iowa

5. Against the Grain (Law Hall, Room 121)
Kate Martinson, Luther College


Refreshments and Participant Art Book Exhibit, Cole Library


Panel 5: The Past and Future in the Present (Law Hall, Room 103)

Moderator: Bruce Whiteman, Head Librarian Emeritus, The William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, UCLA

Bradley Dicharry, "From Print to Virtual: Singular and Pluralistic Approaches to the Book," University of Iowa

Gary Frost, "Report on a Future of the Book Seminar," University of Iowa

Andrew Hageman, "Google Books and the Prospects of Distant Reading," Luther College

Panel 6: Breaking Bindings/Crossing Disciplines (Law Hall, Room 203)

Moderator: Carol Neel, Colorado College

Kate Martinson, "The Green Book—Teaching Sustainability through Knowledge of the Book," Luther College

Susan Jaret McKinstry, "Remaking the 'Ideal Book': The Book as Art and History," Carleton College

Tim D. Barrett, "Science in the Book Arts and Book Studies," University of Iowa

Roundtable 3: DIY Books: From Handmade to POD (Law Hall, Room 221)

Facilitators: John Shimon, Julie Lindemann, and Benjamin Rinehart, Lawrence University; Sandy Dyas, Cornell College

5:15-6:30 Pre-Dinner Snacks, Closing Remarks. Hedges Meeting Room at the Thomas Commons

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