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Participant List

John Ottenhoff, English & ACM staff, ACM staff
Greg Buchanan, Psychology, Beloit College
Marion Fass*, Biology, Beloit College
Donna Oliver, Russian, Beloit College
Paul Stanley, Physics & Astronomy, Beloit College
Liz Ciner*, English & Associate Dean, Carleton College
Pierre Hecker, English, Carleton College
Greg Hewett, English, Carleton College
Marie Baehr, Keynote Speaker & Dean, Coe College
Terry Heller, English, Coe College
Mike Leonardo, Biology, Coe College
Jim Ebersole, Biology, Colorado College
Re Evitt, English, Colorado College
Robert Lee, Political Science, Colorado College
John Williams, History, Colorado College
Becki Elkins-Nesheim, Institutional Research, Cornell College
Michelle Mouton, English, Cornell College
Penny Gold, History, Knox College
Jennifer Templeton, Biology, Knox College
Judy Thorn, Biology, Knox College
Julie Haurykiewicz, Ctr for Teaching and Learning, Lawrence University
Ruth Lanouette, German, Lawrence University
Elizabeth Fischer, Chemistry, Lake Forest College
Carol Gayle, History, Lake Forest College
Cecelia Hayes, Sociology/Anthropology, Lake Forest College
Anne Houde, Biology, Lake Forest College
Doug Light, Biology, Lake Forest College
Lou Lombardi, Philosophy, Lake Forest College
Richard Mallette, English, Lake Forest College
Jim Marquardt, Politics, Lake Forest College
D Ohlandt, Theater, Lake Forest College
Paul Orogun, Politics, Lake Forest College
Pliny Smith, Biology, Lake Forest College
Rachel Ragland*, Education, Lake Forest College
DeJuran Richardson*, Mathematics & Assoc. Dean, Lake Forest College
Ann Roberts, Art History, Lake Forest College
David Blaney, Political Science, Macalester College
Kendrick Brown, Psychology, Macalester College
Karl Wirth*, Geology, Macalester College
James Bukari, French, Monmouth College
Frank Gersich, Business, Monmouth College
Laura Moore, Chemistry, Monmouth College
Soren Hauge, Economics, Ripon College
Peng "Roc" Huang, Economics, Ripon College
Peggy Stevens, Biology, Ripon College
Emily Stovel, Anthropology, Ripon College
Mary Williams-Norton, Physics, Ripon College
Robin Woods, English, Ripon College
Karen Cherewatuk, English, St. Olaf College
Dana Gross, Psychology, St. Olaf College
Mary Walczak*, Chemistry, St. Olaf College

*steering committee