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Join the community of educators interested in teaching geoscience with MATLAB. Whether you're just getting started or have been teaching with MATLAB for years, this is the place to ask questions and share your experience.

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  • Ask a question. This group includes instructors who have classroom experience teaching with MATLAB from Intro to Upper Levels as well as MATLAB technical experts.
  • Share your experiences teaching with MATLAB. What worked well? What didn't? How did you adjust the materials to work with your students?
  • Share your favorite add-ons or supporting resources.

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id ThreadPosts Most Recent Posting
7541 1445977213 To publish (or die :-) )!
Loren Shure Oct, 2015
6 1447768577 Thanks Loren. I agree that this might have ...
Peter Adams Nov, 2015
7544 1445977332 Tables and categorical variables
Loren Shure Oct, 2015
1 1445977390 Several folks mentioned that table would be ...
Loren Shure Oct, 2015
7547 1445980179 Introductory video set for students
Lisa Kempler Oct, 2015
9 1447437347 Hi, just a brief note. I have a research student ...
Charly Bank Nov, 2015
7550 1445980648 Standard introductory data set
Lisa Kempler Oct, 2015
1 1445980869 Gang - Some of you were looking for data sets ...
Lisa Kempler Oct, 2015
7556 1446063989 (Risa's question from listserv)
Lisa Kempler Oct, 2015
7 1448903056 Hi Lisa, Here is the link for the File Exchange ...
Risa Madoff Nov, 2015
7647 1447098588 Code to email self when run ends
Risa Madoff Nov, 2015
2 1447104668 [quote=Risa Madoff] Hi Gang, Specific question ...
Loren Shure Nov, 2015
7652 1447254730 'webread' for ingesting data
Peter Adams Nov, 2015
5 1447267233 By the way, a great example using this is on my ...
Loren Shure Nov, 2015
7691 1449247203 AGU 2015
Loren Shure Dec, 2015
2 1450121391 And to add to the mix for the early risers, I ...
Frederik Simons Dec, 2015
7701 1452890890 Response with your interest: Talk on Curriculum Maps Strategies to Use in Your Departments
Lisa Kempler Jan, 2016
7 1454427111 Hi, Risa - Joining the community would be ...
Lisa Kempler Feb, 2016
7787 1461097488 Free 'Developing Quant Skills Using Geoscience Data with MATLAB' webinar on April 28
Alice Newman Apr, 2016
3 1463368431 I just wanted to follow up with Charly's post. ...
Andrew Fischer May, 2016
7793 1462542144 webinar
Charly Bank May, 2016
11204 1469209365 Reminder: AGU Education Session
Risa Madoff Jul, 2016
1 1469209703 Hi All, Just posting a reminder to submit an ...
Risa Madoff Jul, 2016
11304 1473813862 Activity Converted to Live Script
Andrew Fischer Sep, 2016
1 1473814272 Hello Everyone, Based on Lisa's suggested and ...
Andrew Fischer Sep, 2016
11426 1481139610 Come see MATLAB at AGU 2016, Booth #1417!
Lisa Kempler Dec, 2016
1 1481139830 Friends of SERC and MATLAB -- MathWorks is ...
Lisa Kempler Dec, 2016
11681 1489180001 LiveScript for Freshman Class
Frederik Simons Mar, 10th
1 1489180136 This semester (we are in the 5th week), we have ...
Frederik Simons Mar, 10th
11726 1491304639 Interesting article
Andrew Fischer Apr, 4th
2 1491315485 Thanks for the link Andy! The discussion was ...
Risa Madoff Apr, 4th
11810 1494575561 MATLAB vs Python
Andrew Fischer May, 12th
2 1494596437 Hi Andy, I just now did a quick Google search ...
Risa Madoff May, 12th

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