Workshop Outcomes

The following collections of materials were submitted by faculty participants at the 2015 Teaching Geoscience with MATLAB workshop. The collections include MATLAB activities that get students using large data sets and visualizing geologic features. See the workshop synthesis to learn more about the workshop.

Teaching Activities

In association with our October 2015 workshop, participants provided activity, lab, and project descriptions of how they incorporate MATLAB. These have been organized into a browseable collection.
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Also, in association with our October 2015 workshop, some participants wrote essays about their experiences with using MATLAB in geoscience teaching. These are presented in a browseable collection of essays.
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Course Descriptions

Some participants and community members also provided descriptions of whole courses in which they use MATLAB.
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Follow-on Products

Teaching Geoscience with MATLAB Interest Group

If you are interested in sharing ideas and discussing strategies for teaching geoscience with MATLAB, join the community! Whether you're just getting started or have been teaching with MATLAB for years, this is the place for you. Join the Community Interest group

Workshop Synthesis

Key ideas from the workshop are summarized in the workshop synthesis. This document focuses on effective course structures and strategies and ideas to involve a department or program.

Content Webpages

The following pages are built around concepts that were generated in presentations, discussions, and breakout groups at the workshop, and include pedagogic guidance as well as teaching materials drawn from On the Cutting Edge and other educational projects at SERC.

Find more materials and strategies for teaching data, simulations, and models from across the On the Cutting Edge project.