Glenn Thompson


University of South Florida

Assistant Professor in Geosciences at the University of South Florida since August 2013.

Research in volcano-seismology.

Teaching: MATLAB Programming, Digital Time Series Analysis & Seismic Data Analysis.

Background: real-time volcano and earthquake monitoring, seismic network management, software systems development, research support. 

Workshop Participant, Website Contributor

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Teaching Seismic Data Analysis with the GISMO toolbox for MATLAB part of Teaching Computation with MATLAB:Teaching with MATLAB 2015:Teaching Activities
GISMO is an object-oriented toolbox for seismic data analysis, and a set of tutorials are being built around this. Students learn how to read seismic waveform and event catalog data either from local files or ...

Essay (1)

30 years on: Is the current generation of students learning programming too late? part of Teaching Computation with MATLAB:Teaching with MATLAB 2015:Essays
Glenn Thompson, Geosciences, University of South Florida I was lucky. In 1984 I was part of a wave of British schoolkids who learned to program in BBC BASIC. I was 13. The BBC had made an ambitious decision to ...