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Reminder: AGU Education Session  

Hi All,

Just posting a reminder to submit an abstract for our upcoming AGU Education Session - Teaching Geoscience with MATLAB. We'd love to see you there!

Dear Colleagues,

The deadline for abstract submission to the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting is
August 3 (July 27 for early submissions).

We bring your attention to the following Education Special Session
(ED034: 12619). Remember that Education sessions are special: you can
have a first-author contributed abstract to our session, and still be
first author on another abstract elsewhere.

Teaching Geoscience with MATLAB

Programming skills are increasingly vital for Geosciences undergraduates. How and when should we impart those skills? Should we devote a single course to the subject, or infuse every possible course with material that builds those strengths? Start at the earliest opportunity or wait until more disciplinary knowledge is available to build on? What are suitable topics for building a curriculum, within or across courses? How do we incorporate other desiderata (e.g. general computer literacy, mathematical fluency) into a student schedule? We invite contributions from the trenches, from those who are developing and teaching computational modeling skills for undergraduates, discussions of examples, techniques, philosophies, problems and solutions. We focus specifically on sharing curricular developments using Matlab, but we will consider contributions from the Octave community as well. All contributions must make available freely shared open-source codes, to the extent that they can be run using just a Student license of Matlab.

Invited presenters:

Henk Keers, University of Bergen

Martin Trauth, University of Potsdam


Andrew Fischer, University of Tasmania
Risa Madoff, University of North Dakota
Frederik J. Simons, Princeton University


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