Workshop: Teaching Computation with MATLAB

October 22-24, 2023
Carleton College, Northfield, MN

For Educators in Geoscience, Physics, Math, Biology, Engineering, and beyond

This workshop is a 3-day, educator-led, live workshop focused on creating effective curriculum and improving skills teaching computation. It brings together faculty interested in strengthening and developing skills teaching computation in STEM courses with MATLAB based materials. Working in sessions and 1-on-1 with faculty peers and MATLAB experts, participants will discuss teaching strategies, tools, and resources, evolving and improving their course materials based on give-and-take with colleagues. Because workshop participants face similar challenges -- from teaching programming to first year undergrads to mentoring multi-team student projects -- sharing ideas and best practices across schools and majors is particularly productive and eye-opening.

As preparation for the workshop, all participants will have the opportunity to contribute to a collection of online teaching activities. A team of faculty colleagues will peer-review these, after which they'll hosted on the SERC curriculum site, making them citable and reusable by peer educators, including those early in their careers.

The workshop includes a keynote talk, presentations by educators of effective teaching methods and curriculum, panel discussions, technical sessions on MATLAB online teaching tools, and group working sessions.

Educators will return to their classrooms armed with new skills, ideas to try, and update course modules. During the 2022 workshop, one participant shared, "I have learned so much about MATLAB Online and methods for teaching. I'm very excited to use them in my teaching!"

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