Lauren Sahl

Ocean Studies, Corning School of Ocean Studies

Maine Maritime Academy

I am a professor at a small college, Maine Maritime Academy, where I teach courses in oceanography, geology and physical oceanography.  My research has taken me from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Barrier Reef to Penobscot Bay.  It has been great fun to study and compare these very different environments.  My teaching has challenged me to create engaging exercises to help students learn about important concepts in Earth sciences. I try to teach by using data. Through that process students learn both how the Earth operates and useful data analysis skills.  On the Cutting Edge, Teach the Earth and SERC have been both wonderful resources and great places to share my work.

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Introduction to circuits and Arduino coding part of Teach the Earth:Teaching Activities
This activity guides students through making a simple circuit and writing a simple Arduino sketch (code) to make some LEDs blink. It precedes a lab where students build a temperature sensor, and could be used prior ...

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
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Introduction to Ocean Science part of Oceanography:Courses
This is a survey course covering the geology, biology, chemistry and circulation of the ocean.

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The oceans must play a role in sustainable societies part of Integrate:Workshops and Webinars:Earth Education for Sustainable Societies:Essays
Lauren Sahl, Maine Maritime Academy When educating for a sustainable future it is vital that the ocean be included. The ocean provides essential goods and services to the planet. As more of the global population ...

Ocean Studies Program, Maine Maritime Academy part of Integrate:Workshops and Webinars:Programs that Bring Together Geoscience and Sustainability:Essays
Lauren Sahl, Ocean Studies, Maine Maritime Academy The Ocean Studies program at Maine Maritime Academy (MMA) educates students in Marine Science and Marine Biology and teaches service courses to students in other ...

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Marine Science, Maine Maritime Academy part of Integrate:Workshops and Webinars:Programs that Bring Together Geoscience and Sustainability:Programs
Information for this profile was provided by Lauren Sahl, Ocean Studies, Maine Maritime Academy. Information is also available on the program website. Students in this program are pursuing a bachelors degree. ...