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From zero to Matlab in six weeks - with Freshmen
Frederik J Simons, Princeton University
How to bring Freshmen up to speed in Matlab programming. A series of targeted demonstrations and exercises accompanying a first one-semester course (a "Freshman Seminar") in the Geosciences as taught at ...

An Introduction to MATLAB for Geoscientists
David Heslop, Australian National University
This is an intensive 3-day course with no pre-requisites. It provides an introduction to MATLAB through interactive examples and hands-on problem solving. The course aims to provide students with a basic knowledge ...

Quantitative Data Analysis (GLY3455)
Scott Marshall, Appalachian State University
Modern Earth and environmental scientists deal with complex and often very large quantitative data sets that are typically not useful or understandable in raw form. The main goal of this course is to provide a ...

Data Analysis
David Heslop, Australian National University
The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to statistical and numerical techniques that are useful in the analysis and characterization of geological data. A focus is placed on conceptual understanding of ...