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Response with your interest: Talk on Curriculum Maps Strategies to Use in Your Departments  

When we met in October (seems so long ago!) we agreed that clearly stating the role and value of computation within your curriculums is an objective. Doing so would help you as educators who teach with MATLAB to increase buy-in and participation in your departments. Beyond that, there’s value to everyone in having a rational computation and quantitative skills progression through the curriculum, perhaps incorporating multiple interrelated departments (e.g., geology and physics).

At one of the breakout sessions, I offered to share some materials that we’ve put together about curriculum maps. Essentially, this is a methodology that includes examples of what an optimal curriculum looks like that includes computation (programming/ tools) and math (quantitative knowledge). The idea is that by looking at how other schools have done it, you could architect a logical, compelling story and/or do an assessment at your school

This would give you a model to use with those you’re trying to educate and influence, namely your peers in the departments and administration (dept. heads, deans, etc.)

I would be willing to share the material with you.
My suggestion is that a webinar/online video call would be the best format.
Say, end of February or so.

I’d like a show of hands to gauge interest.

One option is to open it to others beyond just those currently in the community (you, if you’re seeing this post). That’s step # 2. First, let me know what you think.

Also, apparently, NAGT has some experienced folk who support these curriculum discussions with departments, related to the “matrix approach”. (Can you believe they call it “the matrix”? Maybe it’s a good karma/fate thing.) I or they can integrate info on that into the video talk.




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Hi Lisa,

Yes, I would be super interested. Let me know if you need times of availability. -Risa


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Count me in!



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Yes, interested



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Thanks to those who have responded.

To do a webinar, I'd like to have a larger group. Or, alternatively, I could do something somewhat more informal, a little more quick and dirty.
Either can work. Another idea was to do some publicizing in the larger NAGT community to get more attendees. That said, I had imagined using this group todo a test run.

In the interest of trying to get a quorum:
When we met back in October, some others of you expressed interest - Peter? Charly? Anyone else from your institutions who may be interested?

Let me know, soon, if possible.
Then I can take it from there.


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Hi Lisa,

If, by chance, I was able to explain and convince perhaps other faculty to participate, how would I instruct them to show interest? Would they need to join the community and log in to reply, or would I pass on a number to you who expressed interest?



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Hi, Risa -

Joining the community would be preferable.

I plan to use it as a way to share related info.
They always have the option of opting out after the webex, but if they're interested in a webex on this topic, they're most likely good candidates for the community.



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