Initial Publication Date: October 26, 2020

You want your students to critically think. Are you sure you are really asking them to? Let Bloom's Taxonomy show you the way.

Where: Zoom

When: Friday October 2, 2020 9:00 - 10:30 am ET

Who: All faculty

Workshop Goals

  • Learn the history of Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Identify various Bloom's levels from example content
  • Ensure that course learning outcomes Bloom's levels match assessment levels
  • Leave with set of tools for both instructor and students

Workshop Description

Employers and four-year academic institutions expect our graduates and transfers to apply their knowledge and to use analytical skills to solve problems. An effective method to ensure those expectations are met is to understand and apply Bloom's Taxonomy in our course learning outcomes and assessments. This workshop will help faculty to master the Bloom's Taxonomy "pyramid" to improve their assessments as well as mastering the key action verbs that help students to move from Level 1 (Remembering) and 2 (Understanding) to Level 3 (Applying) and 4 (Analyzing). Most of the time in this workshop will be active discussions. You will NOT be lectured to!

(Participants must bring course outline/syllabus as well as assessments used in their classes)

Workshop Agenda

Bloom's Taxonomy Overview

History of Bloom's Taxonomy

Two brief videos from both the instructor and student viewpoints

Activity #1

Blooms Resource materials provided

Determine Bloom's levels for various examples provided (breakout room)

Group discussion (public room)

Activity #2

Determine Bloom's levels for each course learning outcome on syllabus

Breakout room to discuss with each other

Public room for quick summary

Activity #3

Determine Bloom's levels for various assessments

How well do they match levels of CLOs?

Group discussion

Activity #4

Revise assessment to match Bloom's levels of CLOs (breakout rooms)


Group discussion about how to communicate Bloom's expectations to students