TEACH STUDENTS HOW TO LEARN- an insightful book review

Zoom Meeting ID and link will will be sent to participants

When: Tuesday, August 18th, 2020 2:15-4:15pm, October 21 5pm-7pm PST, December 18 10AM-12PM PST

Who: Division of Mathematics and Sciences Faculty (Full-time and Part-time)

Workshop Goals

  • Identify areas for improvement in assessments: Instructors will evaluate their current method of instruction and assessments. Typically, materials in lecture is presented lower on the Bloom's Taxonomy pyramid, whereas on exams students are expected to perform higher level Blooms tasks such as applying and analyzing. Instructors will identify gaps between their expectations and student learning/testing.
  • Support student success in your teaching: Identify resources to help students understand how they learn in order for them to be successful. Review examples to integrate student-centered teaching and learning into the classroom

Workshop Description

Workshop participants will learn about strategies they can incorporate into any course--including remote instruction-- to improve student metacognition, study skills, and motivation. Reading "Teach Students How To Learn" by Saundra McGuire will give a great starting point on the importance of metacognition in the classroom. We will build on this foundational concept with additional examples presented in this workshop. This workshop will give participants time to reflect on their own teaching practices and enable them to make changes to their current content delivery to ensure student success. Attendees will participate in both small and large group discussions and activities, collaborate with colleagues from SCC Math and Science Departments, and develop an action plan for improving student success in their classroom.

Workshop Conveners

  • Angela Daneshmand
  • Cindy Swift

If you would like further information about the workshop, please contact Angela Daneshmand at Daneshmand_Angela@sccollege.edu and/or Cindy Swift at Swift_Cynthia@sccollege.edu

This workshop is part of the Supporting and Advancing Geoscience in Two-Year Colleges: Faculty as Change Agents project and is supported by the National Science Foundation Division of Undergraduate Education through grants DUE 1525593, 1524605, 1524623, and 1524800.

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