Building community and supporting student success in environmentally-related science courses at two-year colleges

Registration Deadline: April 27, 2019

This event has already occurred.

EVENT DATE: Saturday, May 11, 2019
LOCATION: Delta College Main Campus, University Center, MI

Workshop Description

If you teach Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, or Geology at a Michigan 2-year college,

We want you!

This workshop brings together faculty from environmental-related courses facing similar challenges at community colleges across Michigan. We will share practices and strategies that promote student success, and build a community of faculty centered on integrating fundamental science concepts and local and regional environmental issues in the Great Lakes region into our courses. While this workshop specifically targets 2-year college faculty, we welcome all involved in teaching introductory college-level science courses who incorporate or are interested in incorporating environmentally-relevant issues into their curriculum.

See the workshop overview for more detailed information.

Workshop Conveners

  • Andrea Bair, Assistant Professor, Geology, Delta College
  • Wendy Baker, Professor, Biology, Delta College

If you would like further information about the workshop, please contact or

This workshop is part of the Supporting and Advancing Geoscience in Two-Year Colleges: Faculty as Change Agents project and is supported by the National Science Foundation Division of Undergraduate Education through grants DUE 1525593, 1524605, 1524623, and 1524800.

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