Workshop Program

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Workshop Goals:

  • Educating our educators on active learning practices (ie, Student centered learning and non-traditional learning methods)
  • Increase student engagement and diversity in programs (sharing SAGE2YC data, discuss methods for incorporating inclusivity and diversity)
  • Inform our instructors about how to implement effective course design methods

Workshop Session #1 

Pre-workshop survey: 10-15 minutes

2-2:10p: Workshop Introduction

2:10-2:25p: Breakout Session 1: Active Learning Strategy Evaluation

2:25-2:30p: Jigsaw Activity Explanation in Main Room

2:30-2:55p: Breakout Session 2: Active Learning Jigsaw Activity

  • Participants are assigned a new breakout group.
  • Teach your colleagues about the strategy you learned about in breakout session 1.

2:55-3p: Gallery Walk Explanation in Main Room

3-3:20p: Breakout Session 3: Gallery Walk

  • Participants will return back to the same group from breakout 2
  • Each group will be assigned a color
  • Each group will answer the following questions and/or add onto previous group's answers:
    • When would the technique be especially useful?
    • For what courses/topics might the technique not work as well?
    • How much preparation before class does the technique require?

3:20-3:30p: Debriefing & Individual Reflection, Workshop Evaluation

  • Which active learning strategy would you like to implement in your classroom?

3:30p - End

Additional resources

Detailed information about teaching with active learning strategies are available through Pedagogy in Action:

Additional pedagogical resources are available via the Teach the Earth portal for Earth education resources, including 


Note: Additional references are cited in the presentation and the posters.

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Workshop Session #2 

More info coming soon!


Workshop Session 3

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