Katherine Ryker

Geography and Geology, School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

University of South Carolina-Columbia

I am an Assistant Professor of Geoscience Education at the University of South Carolina, and have served the NAGT Geoscience Education Research division as Secretary (2014-2017), Vice President, President and Past President (2017-2020). 


My primary research interests revolve around 1) interventions in introductory geoscience classes (especially labs) to improve cognitive and affective learning goals, and 2) teaching professional development (faculty, graduate teaching assistants and pre- and in-service teachers). This includes exploring connections between reformed teaching practices, student learning, teaching beliefs, and the implementation of inquiry-based geoscience labs. Other specific topics I am interested in include the use of augmented and virtual reality in geoscience programs and how teachers develop their beliefs and identities over time.

I am always open to establishing new collaborations! Please let me know if you're interested in tackling a question together.

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