Lab Tours: Cognitive Sciences fMRI Lab

Tuesday, Thursday 12:00pm-12:45pm

Join us for a tour of the Cognitive Sciences fMRI Lab at Temple University! The tour of Temple University's Brain Research and Imaging Center will include an introduction to the Siemens 3T Magnetom Prisma scanner that is used to collect images of brain structures as well as blood flow patterns to infer which parts of the brain is using oxygen (and hard at work), eye tracking equipment to record where people are looking, physiological measures of arousal and stress, and the equipment needed to conduct studies in a strong magnetic field (1 Tesla is 104 Gauss, or for those of you who work with gravity data, 109 will be leaving your ferromagnetic objects outside the scanner room). The tour will include a brief overview of the role neuroimaging plays in psychology and a chance to ask questions.

The lab tours are open for registration until June 30. The lab tour is free, but the size is limited based on room capacity, and space is reserved on a first come, first served basis.