Participant Checklist

By April 1, 2011:

By April 25, 2011:

  • Complete the poster registration form. Please indicate if you would like to present a poster during the Friday, June 3 poster session and, if so, a tentative title.

By May 1, 2011:

  • Fill out the workshop travel form to let us know what your travel plans will be. Note: Please make your travel plans so that you can arrive at the Carleton campus by 1 p.m. on Friday, June 3, 2011 and can stay through Saturday, June 4 at 5 pm. Additional information for travel and ground transportation:
  • The workshop will be held at Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges. Both are located in Northfield, MN, about 45 minutes south of Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) airport.
  • As the workshop approaches, we will provide you with a list of participant arrival times so that you can arrange to share ground transportation if you fly in to Minneapolis/St.Paul (MSP) airport.

Before arriving at the workshop:

  • Make a poster for the Friday evening poster session (if applicable). When it's ready, upload your poster. Note: We cannot print your poster for you; you will need to print it out and bring it to the workshop yourself. However, we ask you to upload it so that we can make it available as a downloadable file from the workshop website following the poster session.