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Participant List

Beloit College

Natalie Gummer; Associate Professor of Religious Studies;
Kristin Bonnie; Assistant Professor of Psychology;
Russ Cannon; Associate Director of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning

Carleton College

Eric Egge; Associate Professor of Mathematics
Andrea Nixon; Director of Curricular and Research Support

Coe College

Rick Eichhorn; Associate Professor of Economics, Director of First-Year Experience;
Kayla Lyftogt; Director of Service-Learning and Campus Engagement;
Bob Marrs; Armstrong Professor of Rhetoric and Director of the Coe Writing Center

Colorado College

Tracy Santa; Director, Writing Center;
Miro Kummel; Assistant Professor of Environmental Science;
Molly Gross; Assistant Director of Writing Center;

Cornell College

Ben Greenstein; Professor of Geology;
Gwen Schimek; Assistant Dean of Students/ Director of Student Life;

Grinnell College

Janet Carl; Director of the Writing Laboratory;
Jacob Willig-Onwuachi; Assistant Professor of Physics;
Travis Greene; Dean of Students;
Joyce Stern; Dean for Student Academic Advising Support;
Mark Schneider; Associate Dean;

Knox College

Jennifer Templeton; Associate Professor of Biology;
Andrew Civettini; Associate Professor of Political Science;
Leah Adams-Curtis; Director of Assessment;

Lake Forest College

Rachel Ragland; Associate Professor and Chair, Education;
Rick Mallette; Professor of English;

Lawrence University

Megan Pickett; Associate Professor of Physics, Director of Freshman Studies Program
Nancy Truesdell; Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students;

Luther College

Jacqueline Wilkie; Assistant Professor of English;
Rebecca Sullivan; Assistant Professor of Library Information Studies;
Martin Klammer; Professor of English;
Brad Chamberlain; Associate Professor of Chemistry;

Macalester College

Erik Larson; Associate Professor of Sociology;
Eric Wiertelak; Professor of Psychology;
Karl Wirth; Associate Professor of Geology;

Monmouth College

Marlo Belschner; Associate Professor of English;
Mishelle Banas; Director of Academic Support Programs;

Ripon College

Sarah Desotell; Assistant Professor of Physics;
Melissa Bemus; Director of Student Activities and Orientation;


John Ottenhoff; Vice President;

Air Force Academy- Julie Tetley; Chief, Academic Advising and First-Year Programs;