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Work Summaries

Conference participants have written short summaries of the work they have done since the event took place as it related to the topics that were discussed. To read the summaries, click on the links below. Conference participants can add comments to the summaries

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On Directing A Lie of the Mind by Sam Shepherd
Liz Carlin Metz, Professor of Theatre, Knox College/Artistic Director, Vitalist Theatre (Chicago) After the Performance Educators Conference on Physical Theatre Though I have long integrated physical theatre in my ...

Applying Barba and DAH at Coe College, 2010-11
Dennis Barnett, Coe College As all of you know, in the Fall of this school year, DAH Theatre from Belgrade, Serbia visited Coe College, performed two of the pieces in their repertoire and conducted three ...

Narrative about Performance/Movement Integrations AY 2010 and Beyond
Beth Cleary, Macalester College Inspired by ACM/FaCE Grant-sponsored Conference at Coe College, October, 2010 It is not an exaggeration to say that being in the presence of DAH Teatar for a total of 6 hours in ...