Most of our time will be spent traveling by van/cars in the field to examine outcrops, experience the countryside, and visit important cultural sites along the way. We will also make time to discuss potential student exercises and activities.

Location information in Google Earth: Download Google Earth kmz file (KMZ File PRIVATE FILE 3kB Jun16 10)

Thursday, June 24

Arrive in Coldigioco by Noon; Lunch with introductions and overview of workshop plans.
Tour of Coldigioco and OGC facilities followed by presentations:

1) The geology and environmental history of the Umbria-Marche Apennines (Sandro Montanari)

2) Art and science (Paula Metallo)

Friday, June 25

The Marche region and Frasassi cave. Field trip across the Marche Ridge to Frasassi cave with various outcrop stops and an introduction to local mapping projects. Cave tour.

Saturday, June 26

Contessa Valley and Gubbio. Field trip to see the spectacular stratigraphic succession in the Contessa Valley and the classic K/T boundary outcrop of Gubbio. Afternoon session to brainstorm on potential projects.

Sunday, June 27

Furlo Regional Park. Deep time perspective of climate change, K/T boundary, ocean anoxia events (e.g. Bonarelli event). More time for discussion of possible projects.

Monday, June 28

Adriatic Coast. Monte Cònero Park, the Eocence-Oligocene GSSP site, the Messinian Salinity Crisis and dip in the Adriatic at Mezzavalle Beach. More time for discussion of possible projects.

Workshop closure. Discussion of potential for an off-campus studies program and next steps.

Tuesday, June 29

Depart after breakfast.