Workshops Overview

Workshop 1: January 13-14 2011 (ACM office, Chicago IL)

This workshop will involve about 10-12 faculty from 4-5 ACM campuses.


  • to discuss how a liberal arts education can best be used to critically examine , approach and engage in development topics/projects at both local and global levels
  • to work collaboratively with various disciplines to find a "common language" through which liberal arts instructors can teach development
  • to discuss effective means of providing students with an understanding of development that integrates various disciplinary perspectives

Workshop 2: May 19-20 2011 (Colorado College, Colorado Springs CO)

This workshop will involve the same faculty from workshop 1, as well as campus key stakeholders (e.g., study abroad coordinators, international education directors, career services, etc.).


We will continue the conversations from Workshop 1 and add the following topics:

  • to find ways to engage students through more deliberately focused study abroad, independent research projects, volunteer opportunities, and internships
  • to learn how best to prepare students for making career choices in development
  • to discuss ethical issues involved with teaching and doing development