Conference Readings & Notes

Conference Readings

The following readings and reports should give participants important background information for our discussions. Please feel free to suggest other resources to the conference organizers.

  • Emerson, John and Rachelle Brooks. The College Sports Project. Presentation to the Association for Institutional Research. CSP Presentation to AIR (Acrobat (PDF) 157kB Oct27 09)
  • Emerson, John, Rachelle Brooks, and Elaine Croft McKenzie. The College Sports Project. "College Athletics and Student Achievement: The Evidence at Small Colleges." In Press. College Athletics (Acrobat (PDF) 111kB Oct29 09)
  • Malekoff, Robert. "Thoughts about Academic-Athletic Integration." ACM White Paper (Acrobat (PDF) 121kB Oct29 09)
  • Reports on Campus Conversations

Notes from the Conference Sessions

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