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Jump-start your course design with this list of recommended resources. Items include powerpoints, activities, and other resources that are particularly useful to the design-phase of a new petrology course.

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Igneous Rocks / Magmatic Properties / Thermodynamics- Phase Equilibria and Phase Diagrams / Igneous Geochemistry (major and trace element; stable and radioisotope / Extraterrestrial Rocks / Metamorphic rocks (field, hand sample, petrology) / Metamorphic processes / Thermodynamics- Phase Equilibria Metamorphic Reactions / Geothermobarometry

Igneous Rocks (field, hand sample, petrography)

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Magmatic Processes

Thermodynamics, Phase Equilibria, and Phase Diagrams

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Igneous Geochemistry (major and trace element; stable and radioisotope)

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Extraterrestrial Rocks

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Metamorphic Rocks (field, hand sample, petrography)

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Metamorphic Processes

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Thermodynamics, Phase Equilibria Metamorphic Reactions

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