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Examining chromite horizons at the Stillwater mine

This collection of internet resources is intended to help faculty in teaching or designing petrology courses. Many of the resources are lecture notes or PowerPoint presentations that are illustrated with useful diagrams, graphs and figures. There are also course syllabi, petrology projects, and on-line galleries of photomicrographs.

Suggest a URL of an internet resource for this collection. These links may not necessarily have instructional activities associated with them, but they could support teaching of igneous and metamorphic petrology. Examples may include links to government agencies, professional societies, institutions, and include images, maps, databases, tools and reports.

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Thin Section Scans part of SERC Web Resource Collection

An online library of high resolution, full color scans of over 200 "exotic" igneous, metamorphic and metasomatic rocks in thin section, displayed under both natural ...

Shear zones and crustal blocks of southern India part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This volume is a collection of papers on the shearing and petrological evolution of southern India. It can be used to introduce students to the granulite/upper amphibolite facies rocks. Proceedings ...

Virtual Microscope for Earth Sciences part of SERC Web Resource Collection

The Virtual Microscope was developed for undergraduate teaching of petrology and geoscience at the Open University in the United Kingdom, allowing students to explore rock hand specimens and thin ...

Geology photo search page part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This page contains a search engine to locate specific photos by keyword. All photos are freely downloadable and are at resolutions sufficient for power point.

Earth Science World ImageBank part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This collection of over 1000 geoscience images is made available to the geoscience community and general public for the purposes of enhancing Earth education, and serving the community of science ...

X-Ray Crystallography part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This resource from Dr. Terry Frey at San Diego State University is an abbreviated introduction to crystallography and x-ray diffraction. Topics include an overview, crystal growth, crystal classes ...

Mantle Plumes part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This site provides a broad suite of information and resources about "hot spots" and the current debate as to their existence. The site features technical tutorials and publications on a ...

Volcanic Emissions and Global Cooling part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This site provides information about the effects of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide volcanic emissions on global climate. Helpful diagrams depict the chemical processes involved in atmospheric ...

International Volcanic Health Hazard Network part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This international organization collects and disseminates geologic and medical data to evaluate and predict volcanic health hazards. The site provides an index of members working in the fields of ...

EarthScope part of SERC Web Resource Collection

EarthScope applies modern observational, analytical, and telecommunications technologies to investigate the structure and evolution of the North American continent and the physical processes ...

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