Initial Publication Date: October 11, 2018

Fall 2018 Virtual Activities

These virtual activities are open only to SAGE 2YC Change Agents. The links below will take you to the pages for these events in our private workspace, with connection information and notes from each meeting.

Working for Change at the Program and Institutional Level

One of the more challenging aspects of the SAGE 2YC project can be effecting change at the program and institutional level. In this virtual activity each Change Agent will pick some aspect of their situation that they would like to make progress on improving. Participants will look at how others have implemented change, formulate action plans, and offer each other feedback on their plans.

Supporting Transfer

The SAGE 2YC project has amassed a wide variety of resources related to supporting students in the transfer process (see This virtual group will explore resources, discuss challenges and opportunities that are relevant to individual participants' situations, develop and share plans to better support their students in the transfer process. Participants will offer each other feedback on their plans.

Fostering a Sense of Belonging

Whether students feel they "belong" has a significant impact on their course of study and choice of career path. This group will read and discuss a few short, very accessible articles about fostering our students' sense of belonging. Participants will choose one or more strategies from the articles to implement and will offer each other feedback on their plans.

Revising a Historical Geology Course

Historical Geology is often standard required curriculum for undergraduate geology majors, as well as often being open to non-majors. Teaching this course can have its challenges, including a lack of prerequisites and student perception of the content as a "boring march through time." In this virtual group, Change Agents will share ideas on how to make a Historical Geology course more engaging, relevant, and/or inclusive, using strategies related to the three strands of our project. Participants will pick some aspect of their course that they would like to improve and will offer each other feedback on their plans.