Workshop Program

8:30: Registration and Coffee

9:00: Introductions and Overview of workshop

9:30: Curriculum Alignment among 2YCs and 4YCs

  • 4YC perspective: Jeff Knott and Joe Carlin (CSU Fullerton): What makes for a well-prepared student transferring to a 4YC, particularly Ocean Sciences? Why are there no Ocean Sciences courses at the 200 level?
  • 2YC perspective: Tania Anders: Having seen both sides; challenges and opportunities

10:00 Gallery Walk: Beyond course work, what do students need to succeed?

10:30: Coffee Break

10:45: PathWaves To Success: How can transfer be facilitated?

  • Table/Group Discussions among 2YC-4YC
    • AA-T/Courses that 2YC students should take to transfer
    • Articulation Agreements: How can 2YCs further fuel the fire/create the Perfect Storm? (a.k.a. offer more courses in Ocean Sciences)
    • Comparison of Ocean Sciences syllabi from 2YC and 4YC
    • SWOT analysis

11:45: Reflection

12:00 Lunch

12:45: Collaboration Opportunities among 2YCs and 4YCs

  • Tina Treude (UCLA)
  • Gwen Kazumi Noda (C-DEBI Diversity Director)

1:15: Focus Groups (Rotating Table Discussions): Field Trips, Transfer, Research and Continuing Education Opportunities

2:15: Ideas and Activities that promote student success and retention

3:00: Coffee Break

3:15: Develop Action Plan

3:45: Closure: End of Workshop Survey

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