Spring 2018 Bay Area Earth Science Connections Webinar

Promoting Networking of 2-YC Geoscience Faculty in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Date: Friday, April 27, 2018, 2-3 PM (PST)
  • Location: This meeting will be held online as a one-hour virtual webinar using Zoom. After registration, login instructions will be sent to you via the email you have provided.
  • Registration Deadline: Please register by 5 pm THURSDAY, April 26, 2018.

Event Description:

We are conducting a webinar this spring as a follow up to our October 2017 at San Francisco State University for our "Exploring the Geoscience Landscape 2018 – Opportunities for Undergraduate Education in the Geosciences." It was great to see many of you there. This spring webinar will allow us to continue forming a network between 2YC geoscience faculty in the San Francisco Bay Area. We hope that those of you who were unable to attend the October workshop can join us for this one-hour virtual meeting, and perhaps join us for future face-to-face meetings and events.

This webinar will allow us to continue conversations about student success at 2YCs in the San Francisco Bay Area and supporting student interest in geology beyond introductory classes. We are looking forward to hearing more about successful strategies in your classroom.

Please complete the online registration form by April 23, 2018. The webinar is free and supported by the SAGE 2YC project through a grant from the National Science Foundation. Registration is required and meeting information will be sent to you once you have registered. We look forward to seeing you in the webinar.

Meeting Agenda

  • Introductions of conveners and participants
    • Personal introductions
    • Introducing our departments to one another.
  • Reminder of SAGE2YC project goals:
    • Support the academic success of all students;
    • Promote professional pathways of students into geoscience;
    • Broaden participation in the geosciences; and
    • Continue building a San Francisco Bay Area network of 2YC geoscience faculty
  • Brief overview of October 2017 workshop highlights and outcomes.
  • Discussion (largely depends on what participants indicate as "of interest") some topics might include sharing information about field locations, promoting across the area special classes offered in our programs, and possible collaborations.


As a result of participation in this webinar, participants will:

  • Make connections with S.F. Bay Area geoscience faculty at other community colleges.
  • Learn more about geoscience programs and courses being offered in the S.F Bay Area community colleges.
  • Be updated on the successes and outcomes of the October 2017 workshop.
  • Participate in a conversation on possible ways to connect geoscience students between the S.F. Bay Area community colleges.

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