Field Workshop Agenda

Meet at the Kids' Farm at the National Zoo at 9:30am (bathrooms here)

Overview of the day

9:30AM: Sharing of formative field trip experiences

Report back and brainstorm ideas to bring back to participants' own campuses

10am Examine natural and artificial rock exposures by the Amazonia boulder bridge and along the bike path: metagraywackes of the Sykesville / Laurel Formations; deformation associated with the Rock Creek Shear Zone

  • Discuss importance of evoking a trans-human 4D sense of time and space in students

Exit Zoo; Walk to Lanier Heights; discuss river gravel deposits adjacent to 2900 Adams Mill Road (0.8 miles).

  • Discuss the visceral sense of moving through geological structures in field space; Discuss the value of drawings on site.

Visit the "Clydesdale Fault" outcrop (0.1 mile), where the Piedmont/Coastal Plain nonconformity is disrupted by small scale thrust faulting.

  • Discuss the importance of weaving in current events or societal risk.

Lunch (~12pm) will be provided for all registered participants at the Lebanese Taverna in Woodley Park. (Let us know in advance if you have dietary needs we should know about.)

After lunch, we will walk over the Duke Ellington Bridge, and south into Rock Creek Park, with our destination being an historical quarry near the Italian Embassy (1.2 miles). There are several members of the Georgetown Intrusive Suite exposed there, a late Ordovician set of plutons related to the first phase of Appalachian mountain building. En route, we will also have opportunities to see distinctly urban examples of geology in physical and chemical weathering and building stones.

  • Discuss Field Trips as a method for inclusive teaching and active learning
    • Connect with community resources to better engage with our students
    • Make room for students to bring personal experiences into the field
    • Anticipate challenges students may face during field trips
    • Promote critical thinking
    • Discuss inclusivity for all students, including those with physical disabilities. A role for virtual field experiences?

~3pm: Walk back to Woodley Park (0.6 miles)

  • Share topics for talks/field trips participants may offer on their campuses
  • Field workshop evaluation