Workshop Program

This workshop will take place on Friday, 26 October from 2:30pm-3:20pm, during Session Two of the Science Peer Group conference, in the Geology Breakout Meeting room.

Session Two 2:30-3:20pm

2:30pm - 2:40pm: Introduction and feedback from geoscience employers

2:40pm - 3:00pm: Gallery Walk - brainstorm ideas of how to incorporate major themes from employers into our geoscience classes

3:00pm - 3:05pm: Review of Gallery Walk ideas

3:05pm - 3:15pm: Action Plan - based on ideas and discussion from the Gallery Walk, what is one assignment that you can create or modify to better prepare students for the geoscience workforce?

3:15pm - 3:20pm: Share ideas and session wrap-up

Note: there will be a break from 3:20pm-3:30pm, during which discussion can continue.

Please consider participating in the other geoscience-themed events, taking place immediately before and after this session.