Workshop Program

Session #1 Fostering Inclusive Learning Communities

Tuesday September 15th from 10am to 12pm on Zoom

Goals for the session:

  • Recognize how student course success data based on demographics can inform curriculum decisions 
  • Identify sense of belonging interventions that are effective for your classroom
  • Compare high and low context activities and develop ways to apply those principles to your classroom




 I. A brief overview of department data exploring the need for inclusive environments

     Take away: Template for locating and analyzing your own departmental data

  II. Tools for creating a sense of belonging in your classroom

     A. Defining sense of belonging and stereotype threat

     B. Sense of belonging interventions and data supporting their use

     Take away: Group and individual planning to identify one intervention to use in your classroom

  III. Recognizing high and low context diversity at our institution and in our classrooms

     A. Defining context diversity and how it shapes communities and individuals

     B. Acknowledge the disparity created by low context interactions and classroom expectations

     Take away: Identification of low and high context activities and an action plan to incorporate high context activities in the classroom


SESSION #2 Empowering Students to Become Self-Regulated Learners coming in October

SESSION #3 Cultivating Your Students' Science Identity coming in November