Financial models for study abroad: Advantages and disadvantages for students and institutions

Facilitator: Charlotte Blessing
Participants: Darrell Albon, Jason Badura, Antonio Esqueda, Ryan Fowler, Amy Dooley
  1. What are some of the different models for financing study abroad (home school fees, students are responsible for all costs, financial aid and scholarships apply fully, partially, not at all)?
  2. Who should be responsible for financing study abroad? The institution? Students?
  3. What are the implications of who finances study abroad in terms of access and educational outcomes?
  4. What factors do institutions need to take into account to evaluate the best financial models for themselves? (institutional resources - financial, human, curricular, student resources, the importance of study abroad to the curriculum)
  5. How can we leverage the value of study abroad to enlist external resources to help support study abroad (scholarships, federal and foundation support, private donations)?