Prepare Students for Career Success

One of the most powerful advertisements for drawing students into the geosciences is demonstrating that there are opportunities for high-paying, prestigious career opportunities available. But once those opportunities have been communicated and students have chosen a geoscience major, care must be given to prepare them to be successful after they finish their degree.

Facilitate Real-world Experiences

Students must gain experience in applying the knowledge and skills to complex, real world challenges. Internships and research opportunities provide students with the opportunity to do the work of their discipline and gain an understanding of what it is like to be a professional in STEM.

Focus on Local Issues

Many students from underrepresented minority backgrounds need or want to stay local because of family connections. Providing them with experiences that draw on local needs and conditions can help them be successful staying close to home.

Teach Specific Workforce Skills

There are specific skills and knowledge that will make students more marketable in some fields. Giving them a chance to develop that skill base will give them a leg up if they want to go into relevant disciplines.

Develop Networking Opportunities

All students need practice with the skills of developing a professional network and being able to demonstrate their value in such situations. Students from backgrounds lacking in family or role models who were involved in STEM disciplines may be even more in need of these opportunities.