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Research experiences are thought to be pivotal in the education and professional development of undergraduate science majors. Yet, there are many more undergraduates than can be accommodated through traditional research internships. In order to meet the demand for undergraduate research experiences, faculty have developed projects that engage whole classes of students in addressing a research question or problem that is of interest to the scientific community, dubbed "Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences" or CUREs.

CUREs offer several advantages over research internships - they can enroll many more students and they are accessible to all students who enroll, not just the few who stand out in class, who are confident enough to approach faculty directly, or who have personal or programmatic connections that help them get access to research.

CUREnet was established in 2012 to support networking among faculty developing, teaching, and assessing CUREs, to share CURE projects and resources, and to develop new tools and strategies for CURE instruction and assessment.


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  • Publication: Metagenomics CURE Course
    A publication describing a metabarcoding CURE course has been published in Frontiers in Microbiology. Assessment data and instructional resources are described. https://doi.org/10.3389/fmicb.2021.579325
  • Call for proposals for edited publication
    Submit a paper proposal for a publication on Confronting Failure: Approaches to Building Confidence and Resilience in Undergraduate Researchers
  • GSU search for CURE-focused Academic Professional
    Georgia State University is accepting applications for a full-time Academic Professional (NTT, 50/50 teaching/service). We are particularly interested in applicants with the desire and ability to develop a CURE as our required lab for Neuroscience majors.

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