Group 9 Discussion Notes

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Group members: Sherita, Joy, Alice, Tiffini, Anne

Prompt: How can we design the future of Earth Education for sustainable societies?

  • Innovative ideas
  • Resources needed
  • facilitating pathways


A large push on K-12 education to start on that level. Sustainability starts there.

  • Not so much about end-of-course exams and standardized exams but for the shear enjoyment of learning, empowering them with something tangible
  • minimum of book work, need more hands-on activity
  • Gardening in elementary school, solar panels in middle school, high school connecting local food to schools and local eaters
  • Putting everything back into relatable terms
Treat science the way we think about students entering the military - proud to graduate and be american, but they can be proud to graduate and go into the military

  • Need passionate and enthusiastic teachers to help make the change

Social imperative to relate their science to people - need to show students connections to their communities

  • Need to be relatable to real-world experience (jobs, etc.)
  • Engineering empowers students to develop solutions
Teach science from deconstruction - talk about the natural world, and have students report what they see in the natural world, and note that what they are doing is science and pull it back together with them

  • Need to recreate curiosity that grew out of wandering
  • No Child Left Inside programs
Campaigns like "don't be a litterbug" are very effective

Resources needed

  • Access to the outdoors
  • More access to environmental science
  • Professional development for teachers in especially underserved areas