Group 6 Discussion Notes

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Group members: Sharon Cooper, Christa Spears, Joy Branlund, Liang Zeng, Lisa White, Eric Goldfarb

Prompt: How can we design the future of Earth Education for sustainable societies?

  • More (good) Earth Science educators in the K-12 system.
    • Stronger earth science at the younger years would help students not be turned off to science overall before they even get to college
    • Especially ones that will encourage students to continue on in ES instead of chem, physics, etc.
    • Other places that students learn as well - reaching them in places other than in schools (e.g. boy or girl scouts, apps, museums, books, etc) - - meeting them where they are at.
  • Building awareness of what sustainability is earlier will help as well.
    • which may be a good inroad to the earth sciences
    • Sustainability helps with building interdisciplinary
    • Interdisciplinary is inherent in solving real big complex problems
    • Working on issues related to the community
    • Bring other disciplines to the table (not just within the sciences)
    • Working with the community - bring them to the table within solving issues
      • Small steps
  • Promote working across disciplines more frequently
  • More advocates - celebrity spokesperson