Group 7 Discussion Notes

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Group members: Emeline Renz (Scribe). Michael DeAngelis, Alyssa Abbey, Leah Courtland, Rene Shroat-Lewis


Imagining Big: How can we design...?

Michael: InTeGrate Project scope is focused at a certain age level. Missing younger education. We need to educate from Walking and Talking to.. forever! *Missing early education*

Leah: Materials are geared toward lower division undergrads. PHD OR MASTERS? What's the next step?

Alyssa: Adult Learning, for example Lawyers, the material might seem childish.

Michael: School groups vs. Seniors, Same Concepts, but we don't underestimate older adults.

Leah: Different preconceptions. Adults have set ideas, frames of mind. How to expand to different frames of mind.

Rene: Try to bring in more of the middle school-high-elementary teachers to the InToGrate Realm/open up/draw in the teachers. So they can learn AND share the activities.

Michale: Convo with a high school teacher. It's too much in each module. Module and then the LITE version.

Leah: Modules become out of date. Community for updating the data, instructions... recreate for their own modules.

Emeline: More generalized so instructors can customize to place, time, etc.

Alyssa: Didn't know about Geology in high school, not until college. Not what they learned in high school, so we need a Teach Earth Concepts to Teachers.

Leah: CERC Website. There's information. How to get to teachers.

Emeline: Getting CERC to conferences. getting to other groups, preaching to the choir here.

Leah: It would be a two-way street. We can learn from them, and they can learn from us!

Rene: Summer workshops for teachers, but you need to offer stipends, they want money. This is a big idea, we need funding to help them

Michael: directed mentorship program throughout the school year. Checking in, review, etc. Mentoring for adults. Might help with the Isolation.

Emeline: Traveling Workshop (already a program (NAGT). Workshops for K-12 )

Micahel: What are the pre-conveived notions of students? What do 6th graders believe? How can you involve the students in a different way? How can the students teach us?

Cathy: "Stakeholder engagement"

Leah: Mind-mapping to get at some of their underlying emotions and ideas. Why are you here? What are your concerns? Then take them outside to discuss and reflect.

Emeline: Soft Skills: learning how to learn, learning about teaching, metacognition.

Leah: On-ramps to Tectonics Poster Example, demo of approaches to teaching something New.

Conclusion: Wider range of target audience, young people and adult learners. (Got taken). Educational Spectrum! YAY Leah!