Group 1 Discussion Notes

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Group members: Claire McKinley (notetaker extraordinaire) Lynsey LeMay, Kimberly Steward, Margie Turrin, Cynthia Venn and Mike Brudzinski

How can we design the future of Earth Education for sustainable societies?


Oceanography and Sea level

Biogeochemical interrelationships

Resource management / sustainable extraction / Innovative tech for resource extraction

Water management

Systems understanding (big picture thinking)

Impacts on human health / Environmental justice / History

Optimistic and effective communication about above topics

Knowledge to action (science to action, community partnerships)

Critical thinking skills (comfort with uncertainty, asking for help, empowering folks to think like scientists)

Better understanding of how people learn / assessment of teaching (geospatial understanding)

Overarching idea: In order to design the future of Earth Education for sustainable societies

Resources: Money and People