Group 5 Discussion Notes

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Group members: Lisa Rom, Catherine Riihimaki, Christine Newville, Elijah Johnson, Rudi Meyer

Prompt: How can we design the future of earth education for sustainable societies?

  • what are the societies we are considering? global? local societies?
  • broader perspectives better?
  • What is important to sustainability?
    • being healthy
Some elements of improving earth education for sustainability

  • teaching more community-based courses - connecting learning to community
  • including more policy and justice as part of earth education
  • emphasis on systems thinking
  • finding ways to match organizations working toward sustainability to earth science education
  • university has structure to match community needs to earth education resources
  • online forum for matching?
  • ways to make international connections at the university level to help with better global understanding
  • international exchange for community science engagement
  • create a culture in departments of required community engagement